CRO & AOV Audit

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If you want to get the most out of every impression, ad and visitor, we have prepared an audit of conversions and average order values ​​for you.

Product description

Conversion and average order value are the most important metrics on your e-commerce site, where even a small change has a significant impact on your e-commerce store's sales. If you want to get the most out of every impression and visitor, we've prepared an audit of conversions and average order value.

We will help you to achieve higher sales

Purchase journey analysis

Our audit will give you a detailed list of points to improve and implement on your store, which based on our experience and knowledge are guaranteed to lead to increased sales and higher profits.

We will help you to achieve higher sales

Possibility to implement the results

You won't be alone in implementing our recommendations. As part of the audit, you are guaranteed a consultation with us in which we will go through the recommendations with you, find out which ones to implement first and which ones will have the biggest impact. 

What will you get from us

  • An analysis of the entire shopping process (homepage, collections page, product page, cart, checkout, and more)
  • A conversion optimization list with points and descriptions on what specifically can be improved on your store to increase conversion
  • List of points with explanation on what can improved on your store to increase the average order value
  • Consultation of all improvements and possible pricing of chosen points

What are we going to need from you

  • URL address of your store
  • Collaboration request confirmation on your email (FAQ)
  • Access to Google Analytics for best results
  • A brief introduction to your business plan and product offering


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