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E-commerce audit is including optimization of all 4 basic aspects of e-commerce - Optimization of conversions, average order values, UX and speed.

Product description

E-commerce audit includes optimization of all 4 aspects of eCommerce - CRO audit, AOV optimization, UX audit and speed optimization. An eCommerce audit will ensure you are able to improve all these aspects to take your online store to the next level.

Complete optimization

E-commerce optimization

Our e-commerce audit covers all of our smaller audits - CRO and AOV optimization, UX audit and speed optimization. If you think your online store isn't excelling in one or more areas, an e-commerce audit is definitely for you. 

From A to Z

Thorough analysis of the entire store

During an e-commerce audit, we go over everything that may impact the performance of your store. All analytics, store structure, section placement, overall design, speed tests, most important KPI's and where they can be improved and more. Nothing goes unnoticed and we will suggest solutions to any issues we find while analyzing your store.

What will you get from us

  • UX analysis of the entire e-shop
  • A list of points with an explanation of what can be improved or fixed on your e-shop from a UX perspective
  • Complete testing of the entire e-shop and finding all possible errors.
  • Analysis of the entire shopping process (homepage, collections page, product page, cart, checkout, and more)
  • A list of points with an explanation of what can be improved or fixed in your e-shop in terms of conversion optimization
  • List of points with explanation that can be improved or corrected in your e-shop in terms of increasing the average order value
  • Audit the speed of your e-shop
  • Image compression
  • Correcting redirects
  • Deleting or compiling unused Javascript
  • Adding the right html tags to your e-shop pages
  • Recommend deleting some slowing Shopify apps
  • Consultation on any improvements and possible pricing

What are we going to need from you

  • URL address of your store
  • Collaboration request confirmation on your email (FAQ)
  • For best results, access to Google Analytics/GA4/other reporting tool, and a screen recording/heatmap tool


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