Project Audit

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7 days Completion time Time that it usually takes to complete this order.

Are you interested in switching your e-shop to Shopify? As part of the initial audit of your solution, we will analyze your current e-shop and the processes related to it (logistics, invoicing, e-shop control, etc.) and figure out which way to go.

Product description

Is your e-shop already highly adapted to the current eCommerce platform, but you want to switch to Shopify? Are you planning a fundamental rebuilding of the e-shop structure, a complete redesign, or linking more complex integrations? A project audit is an extension of our initial audit, where we spend more time on initial analysis and technical specifications to ensure all required features and changes are addressed.

How to do it

Tailor-made solution design

We will propose the implementation procedure and develop the specification of the e-shop and a detailed price offer, incl. solution design - individual functions of the e-shop and third-party applications. You will also receive information from us on our current capacity status and indicative implementation schedule so that the entire transition to Shopify goes smoothly and does not jeopardize your business. 

What you get from us 

  • An introduction to the Shopify platform and its benefits
  • Analysis of the existing e-shop, all integrations, connections and implementation of new functions
  • Specifications of the e-shop on Shopify, incl. a list of individual applications, the connection of new integrations, or implementation of a new design in the entire e-shop
  • Detailed price offer of one-off costs incl., estimate of monthly costs
  • A proposal for improvements that can be applied to your e-shop after switching to Shopify
  • * The project audit price includes 20 hours of work by our experts via Shopify

What will we need from you? 

  • URL address of your existing e-shop
  • Admin access - not always a requirement (see FAQ)
  • Approximately 1 hour of your time for a video call and our questions (document with analysis)
  • Description of the current solution
  • Description of implemented custom integrations or complete redesign specifications


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