Payments and invoicing

Setting up payment methods and invoicing processes is a breeze for us at Digismoothie. Order the setup of the Stripe gateway, Fakturoid app, or cash on delivery customisation here!
Easier invoicing with Fakturoid

Easier invoicing with Fakturoid

Pair invoices, send automatic emails, automate payments, and connect your store to EET with our app, Fakturoid!

Regular price $110excl. VAT

VAT Validation

Do you want to start selling B2B? We will add VAT validation fields to needed pages, which will make it... Read more

Regular price $150excl. VAT

COD payment fee

We will install and set-up an app, that charges customers a COD fee directly in the checkout.

Regular price $150excl. VAT

VAT excl. pricing

We will help you show your B2B prices on pages, where they are needed!

Regular price $200excl. VAT

QR code payment

Adapt to your customers needs and start letting your customers scan and pay through QR codes!

Regular price $270excl. VAT


We will implement the most internationally recognised payment gateway Stripe on your store!

Regular price $150excl. VAT


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