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The best one-click upsell app for all your collections and product pages. Increase your sales by up to 30%.
About the app

Product description

Candy Rack is a smart app for upselling and cross-selling on product pages. The moment your customer clicks on the "add to cart" button, minimalistic pop-up shows up and offers your customer additional, relevant products to his purchase. 

Artificial intelligence

Impact of artificial intelligence

No meaningless offers, only relevant products. Smart Auto-Upsell function based on the Shopify algorithm always knows what your customer wants the most.

Mobile first

Mobile experience

According to the e-commerce reports in the last few years, most of the online purchases happen on mobile devices. We have designed Candy Rack with this in fact in mind. Customers can therefore enjoy smooth purchase experience on any device.

App pricing

  • 14-day free trial
  • $19.99/monthly for Shopify Basic
  • $39.99/monthly for Shopify Standard
  • $99.99/monthly for Shopify Advanced
  • $199.99/monthly for Shopify Plus
  • Terms of service

What will you get from us

  • Candy Rack app install
  • Set-up of basic processes within the app
  • Showcase of Candy Rack use

What are we going to need from you

  • URL address of your store
  • Collaboration request confirmation on your email (FAQ)


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