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Ship with Packeta across the entire EU and control your fulfilment process from your Shopify store.

Product description

Packeta allows you to fully connect your store with your Packeta account. That will save you hours of fulfilment work and make customer experience better at the same time. Packeta app allows you to export orders straight into your Packeta account and print out shipping labels directly from Shopify. Packeta app also automatically adds tracking numbers. If the customer forgets to choose his delivery pick-up point, Packeta will remind him using automatic emails. 

Pick-up points

Choosing a pick-up point

A map with the entire database of pick-up points shows up, after the customer completes his order. Customer then just selects a pick-up point.

Practical and easy to use

Orders export and label printing

Orders are easily imported into your Packeta account through an API or you can export them into a CSV file. Shipping labels can be printed directly in Shopify.

App pricing

  • 5 days free trial
  • from: $9.99/month based on functionality
  • to: $19.99/month based on functionality
  • Terms of Service

What will get from us

  • Implementation and complete set-up of Packeta app
  • Set-up of the pick-up point widget on the completed order page
  • Connection of Packeta app with the Packeta account
  • Syncing of the shipping methods with the Packeta app
  • Showcasing of what Packeta can do
  • Tips for shipping optimisation

What are we going to need from you

  • URL address of your current store
  • Confirmation of collaboration request on your email (see FAQ)
  • Your "API username"
  • Your "API password"
  • Updated and correctly set-up shipping methods on your store 


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