VAT excl. pricing

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Listing prices without VAT is a common practice if your online store is B2B or your customers are also entrepreneurs.

Product description

VAT excl. prices are currently very common when selling B2B. We will help you show your B2B prices wherever needed (e.g. Product, cart, or collection pages).

Implementation tailored to your store

App or code

We will implement this customisation either with an app or by adding code to your theme, depending on your requests and the size of your store.

Store customised for B2B clients

B2B, but easier

This customisation will improve the UX of your B2B customers, which will lead to increased conversions.

VAT ID Validation

Solution for OSS

Do you need to create invoices in reversed charge mode due to foreign B2B clients? With the use of the app solution, we can add a VAT ID validation field straight into your checkout. For further, special requirements, please arrange a consultation with our team before paying for this product.

App pricing

What will you get from us?

  • Display of prices excluding VAT on the collection, product, and cart pages
  • Solution with the use of an app or code
  • For international businesses, display of VAT according to the OSS system
  • Possibility of adding fields for VAT ID validation into the cart page

What we are going to need from you

  • Shopify URL address of your store
  • Collaboration request confirmation on your store (FAQ)
  • What prices do you wish to see in the admin? VAT incl. or excl.?
  • What are your VAT rates?
  • What tax mode is your business using?
  • List of pages, where you want your VAT-excluded prices to be included

Case study


Migration of a large established online store, built on a custom e-commerce platform. Complete redesign and pairing of Shopify to the client's custom processes.

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Implementation of the fully customizable product configurator and sales journey. Showcasing the product in 3D on the product page.

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Bloom Robbins

Complete store redesign with a custom-designed layout running on Shopify Plus. The new design includes a shift to a fully editable template.

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Complete redesign based on a custom design and enrichment of the website with new applications with features corresponding to legislative changes.

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Store migration from WooCommerce for EN and CZ market includes its own fully customizable template.

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To migrate the store from a different platform, upgrade design, implement B2B, and quickly ensure the EU One-Stop-Shop for VAT processing is working as expected.

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Dej mi pokojovku

The overall redesign of the front end based on a custom design provided by the client. Implementation of the redesign into a template with many features.

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Migration to Shopify and a template enabling detailed specification of the ordered product.

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