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Stores that are well optimized for search engines appear in higher positions in search results. This brings them more visitors and customers. SEO optimization is therefore an important part of a successful store.

Product description

SEO optimization is the key to success. Properly targeted keywords and high-quality technical execution will help your store appear in higher positions in search results, which leads to higher traffic and sales.

Better discoverability, better sales

SEO analysis

As part of the audit, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of the current state of your store in terms of SEO. Based on our findings, we create a clear and well-structured list of tasks that need to be done to achieve better results. We will then personally guide you through them during a joint call, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss all aspects of your SEO strategy. In this way, you will not only get the necessary information but also practical instructions on how to step by step improve the position of your store in search engines.

Technical SEO

Improve user experience

Our SEO audit will bring you suggestions for technical adjustments that will be appreciated mainly by search engines, but also by customers. For example:

  • Template speed check + suggestions for improvement
  • List of broken links (404 pages)
  • Structured data review
  • Suggestions for improving the URLs

On-page SEO

Upgrade your presentation on Google

SEO audit also includes content factors:

  • Suggestions for improving titles, meta titles and meta descriptions
  • Checking the structure of headings (H tags)
  • Review of product descriptions
  • Suggestions for internal linking

Additional benefits of the audit

Technical and content SEO form the framework of the entire audit. You will also receive an evaluation of image SEO, tips for speeding up the store, and recommendations for mobile, local and off-page SEO.

What will you get from us?

  • SEO analysis of the entire store (Technical and On-page SEO factors)
  • A list of points with an explanation of how it can be improved 
  • 1-hour consultation of all improvements and possible pricing
  • *Within Off-page SEO, the document contains only generic recommendations.
  • *Based on the request, we are also happy to prepare a keyword analysis, billed separately.

What we are going to need from you

  • Shopify URL address of your existing e-shop
  • Confirmation of collaboration request on your e-mail (see FAQ)
  • Access to Google Analytics, Google Search Console and keyword analysis for best results

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    Migration of a large established online store, built on a custom e-commerce platform. Complete redesign and pairing of Shopify to the client's custom processes.

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