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Judge.me is one of the global leaders in review applications. It will allow you to send review request emails after purchase, show review sections in multiple designs and create a separate page with all reviews in one place for better SEO.

Product description

Judge.me is one of the global leaders in review apps. It allows you to send post-purchase review requests, show your reviews using app blocks, create a separate page with all your reviews in one place or insert your ratings in Google Search meta descriptions.

Fully customizable

Social proof everywhere

The Judge.me app is fully compatible with OS 2.0 and provides several review sections that you can place on any page you need. We can also customize the sections to fully match your store's design.

Collect reviews

Send customized emails 

Emails can be set up to send from any email, and the requests themselves can be customized to have the design you want. There are also several predefined email templates to choose from. Judge.me also offers the ability to A/B test emails or a detailed overview of the most important data when collecting reviews.

Application pricing

What will you get from us

  • General app setup for optimal functionality
  • Email design based on your store's design
  • Setting up your e-mail DNS settings and connecting it to the Judge.me app
  • Review widget setup on your product pages along with a rating badge
  • A new page with all reviews of your store
  • Review sections with a customized design

What are we going to need from you

  • URL address of your store
  • Collaboration request confirmation on your email (FAQ)
  • Access to an account on your web hosting platform


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