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User experience is an important aspect of shopping on an e-shop and has an impact on several important metrics (customer retention, time spent on the e-shop, "bounce rate", and others).

Product description

User experience is the most important aspect of online shopping and affects several important metrics (customer retention, time spent on the store, bounce rate, and more). It is therefore imperative to have your eCommerce site optimized for the best user experience. Customers are then happy to return to your store and purchase. 

We can help you fine-tune the design and user experience

Online Store UX optimization

Our UX audit will give you suggestions for adjustments or corrections to individual pages and sections of your store, so that the customer does not "fight" with your store and instead likes to shop there. You can easily improve customer retention, customer lifetime value and reduce the value of abandoned visits by making the experience of browsing your store enjoyable and functional.

Bug and error fixes

Thorough testing

A UX audit also includes thorough testing of your online store. In our experience, every e-commerce store has at least a few undiscovered bugs or template errors. Therefore, we will thoroughly test and review your e-shop. This will help us figure out any bugs that could discourage customers from buying or leaving the site.

What will you get from us

  • UX analysis of the entire e-shop
  • A list of points with an explanation of what can be improved or fixed on your e-shop from a UX perspective
  • Complete testing of the entire store and search for all possible bugs on your site. This includes testing of responsitivity, adherence to set design and branding through the entire store, store hierarchy and structure, and more.
  • Consultation of all improvements and possible pricing

What are we going to need from you

  • URL address of your store
  • Collaboration request confirmation on your email (FAQ)
  • Access to Google Analytics or other reporting tools


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