60 prepaid hours

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Improve your eCommerce in the long term and implement major modifications to your e-shop.
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Product description

Do you want to make continuous adjustments and collaborate with us long-term? Are you frequently encountering bugs and issues that you need to resolve in a more efficient manner? Do you want to create custom solutions on your store? 60 hours of our expert team will be the right solution for you! You can use these hours as you see fit for 12 months since the purchase was made.

Ideal for continuous work

Our team is at your disposal

60 prepaid hours of our team will guarantee you continuous work and improvements on your store. 60 prepaid hours are perfect, if you want to collaborate with us long-term, and start work on large scale customizations that require proper planning and strategy. 

Consultations and coding

Need advice?

Do you need continuous advice in regards to Shopify and e-commerce strategy? Are you not sure how to synchronize your marketing efforts with your store and how to adjust your strategy? You can spend your prepaid hours by using our continuous support. As our long-term partner, you will be in direct communication with us via email, phone and if needed, even Slack.

What can you get with 60 prepaid hours?

  • Installing and setting up Shopify apps
  • Create new sections or template pages
  • Dozens of adjustments tweaks or multiple major repairs
  • Connection and integration of complex solutions, applications or tools
  • Optimization of reporting or tracking
  • Implementation of adjustments based on the audit
  • Editing the design of your template
  • Fixed multiple bugs or errors in the template code
  • Long-term cooperation with Shopify experts and optimization of your eCommerce
  • And more

What we are going to need from you

  • URL address of your current store
  • Confirmation of the collaboration request on your email (FAQ
  • Detailed description of the adjustments, you want to make on your store.
  • Description of what is the future plan for your store and business


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