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From January 1, 2022, the explicit consent of the website visitor to the storage of cookies must be obtained. In order for your e-shop to comply with the law, it must meet several rules. You don't have to worry about anything with our cookie bar.

Product description

EU stores are now liable to get an explicit consent to use cookies. Get our coded cookie bar and let your customers choose how they want to be tracked!

Let your customers choose

Opt-in function

Opt-in functionality (ticking the types of cookies the user agrees to use) will now be an obligation for any store that uses more than just functional cookies. We will build the opt-in feature into your cookie bar and set it up for you.

No-app solution

Coded cookie bar

Our cookie bar takes the form of a slide-out bar and it is minimalistic yet functional. It offers a simple and quick solution to cookies within a site visit, without the need to install additional apps and paying a monthly application fee.

Simple solution

Ideal for smaller stores

A cookie bar without an app does not, by default, separate analytics and marketing data or collect customer consent. This makes it a suitable solution for smaller e-shops with minimal analytics. 

Privacy policy page

The content of the bar also includes a link to a page, where visitors can read details about the cookies used and how your store processes them. 

What will you get from us

  • Install and implementation of a coded cookie bar into your theme
  • Set-up and styling of the cookie bar
  • Insertion of your content into the bar
  • Testing

What are we going to need from you

  • URL address of your store
  • Collaboration request confirmation on your email (FAQ)
  • List of all used marketing and analytics tools
  • Text content for the cookie bar
  • Design and styling elements to be implemented


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