VAT Validation

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Automatic validation of European VAT IDs will make it easier for you to sell to foreign B2B clients

Product description

Do you want to start selling B2B? We will add a solution to your store that will make it easier for your B2B customers to order. 

Facilitation for B2B clients

B2B made easy

This modification will greatly facilitate the user experience for B2B clients, which will lead to an increase in conversions. After validating and approving the entered VAT , the customer will checkout without VAT, and while using the invoicing tool Fakturoid ,the invoice will be issued without problems in reverse charge mode.

One-Stop Shop registration

VAT ID validation

Do you need to issue invoices in reverse charge mode to your foreign B2B clients? When using the application, we can set VAT ID validation directly in the checkout field. Special requirements and appearance modification are not included in the basic setup, please consult the requirements before purchasing the service. 

App pricing

What will you get from us

  • For this function it is necessary to have VAT excl. pricing fields
  • Display of prices without VAT on the collection page, product page and in the basket
  • Solution using application and or code
  • Solution for international e-shops - VAT display according to OSS
  • Possibility to add a VAT ID validation field to the cart (without modifying the appearance)

What are we going to need from you

  • URL address of your existing e-shop
  • Confirmation of collaboration request on your e-mail (FAQ)
  • What prices do you enter in the administration, with or without VAT?
  • What is the VAT amount of your products?
  • In which tax regime do you operate?
  • Pages where you need to list prices without VAT on the e-shop


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