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Are you interested in switching your e-shop to Shopify? As part of the initial audit of your solution, we will analyze your current e-shop and the processes related to it (logistics, invoicing, e-shop control, etc.) and figure out which way to go.

Product description

Are you interested in the migration of your store to Shopify? Do you have a prepared list of all the functions that you would like your new Shopify store to have? Do you want to get price estimation for each function? As a part of the analysis, we will go through your current store and the requested functions on the new one. We will create a list of solutions to the requested functionalities and work out their exact price estimations. 

How to start the migration process?

Solutions tailored to your business

We will create a detailed document containing the process of implementation, price estimations, description of each solution and timeline so that the migration process is smooth and doesn't put your business at risk.

As a part of the analysis, we will go through your current store and evaluate processes connected to it (logistics, invoicing, how you operate within the store controls and more). Based on the data we collect, we will offer new and more efficient solutions.

What will you get from us

  • Introduction to Shopify and it's benefits
  • Detailed analysis of your current store
  • Proposed solutions to requested functionalities + list of proposed apps and 3rd party solutions
  • Detailed price estimations of all expenses (Monthly and One-off)
  • Proposed improvements, that you can implement after migrating to Shopify
  • Rough estimate of our capacities and deadlines

What are we going to need from you

  • URL address of your current store
  • List of functionalities, that you want your new Shopify store to have
  • Admin access (see FAQ)
  • 1 hour of your time for a video call to answer our queries regarding your requests
  • Possibly a description of your current solution (not absolutely necessary)


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